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国外团队推出《CS 1.6》网页版 用浏览器即可联机白给-游迅网:1 天前 · 作为陪伴一代人成长的经典FPS游戏,《CS 1.5/1.6》是大批玩家永远的回忆。在日前,CS-ONLINE.CLUB团队成功的制作了一款网页版《CS 1.6》,一起来了解一下吧。

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This week:

♾️Another twist in the podcast battles 🏨 Just look out random windows around the world 📱 The best app for transforming your iPhone into a web cam



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  1. Today, I've already watched pigeons from a window in Doha, talked to balcony beagle in Bangalore, and swayed to songs in Stockholm. Window Swap has interesting window views from all over the world.
  2. Help the Curiosity Rover navigate Mars by labeling images of the Martian terrain.
  3. The CIA Freedom of Information Act Reading Room is like a rabbit hole if the rabbit was an all-powerful necromancer who spoke in riddles.
  4. I played CS 1.6 in the browser for a few hours to verify it was still fun.
  5. Great animations for hover menu effects.
  6. Camo is currently in Beta but access is available for anyone who wants to look human in video meetings. Works with both iPhone and iPad to provide a pro webcam at with filters. Way, way, way better than the standard Mac offering.
  7. Start sending your own email newsletters. The tutorial is good even with a strong focus on one provider.
  8. Clients are great, obviously, but sometimes they don't quite know how to tell you what they want. Try some of these valuable insights into getting information out of clients based on techniques acquired In UX workshops.
  9. A neat web app built on Heroku. Drive and listen lets you cruise through the streets of the world while listening to different local radio stations.
  10. I'm 90% sure I will seriously consider switching to cloud hosting this year. These are the best options. However, I have excluded AWS because I know I am not smart enough to understand the pricing.
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Engineers worked 24 hours a day for 15 days straight, executing over a thousand scripts and instructions — a 1,370 step process, according to NASA.

Bizarro Devs  


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